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Message From Eli

Dear Supporter,

In 2010, I ran for State Representative to help make PA a better place to get a good job, raise a family, and ensure prosperity for the next generation.

My decision to run for the office of state representative was grounded in my belief that we live in the greatest country that has ever existed and that our country is in distress because time and time again our leaders fail to make the right decisions.

We have the systems and strength to cure any problem.

Our government needs to get back to common sense governance that stays focused on the real priorities and does so in a cost-effective manner.

That’s why in my two terms, I supported smart and balanced budgets, plans to reduce borrowing, and important reforms to our business environment as well as Harrisburg.

I’m not asking for a lifetime appointment.  I’m asking for your help to continue a worthwhile fight.

Thank you for your support.

Eli Evankovich


““The  problems we face aren’t Democrat or Republican. We need to put politics aside  and take action. That’s what I’m doing as your  Representative.”

~Eli Evankovich, 54th District