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Plain and simple, we need to make Pennsylvania a better place to get a good job, raise a family, and ensure prosperity for the next generation.

While in Harrisburg, Eli, takes his responsibility to vote very seriously.

While in the district, he serves the people selflessly and prides himself on availability.

Acknowledging that there is much work still to be done, Evankovich reports that he has worked hard to honor his commitments while representing his district with passion.

Fiscal Discipline

One of our most important responsibilities is forming a budget.  A strong, fiscally prudent budget sets the tone for the State.

- Passed two on-time and responsible budgets, which is a substantial departure from almost a decade of perennially late and bloated budgets.

- The 2011 budget cut spending for the 3rd time in 40 years

- The 2012 budget is at the same spending level as the 2008 budget, why?  Because Pennsylvania families and seniors are largely working off of their 2008 income.

- He did it without raising taxes, he did it without borrowing, he did it by doing what working families do EVERY day.

- He focused the budget on priorities like education despite losing Billions in federal bailouts from Washington

- He opposed new borrowing.  Eli fought against political pressure and worked with his colleagues against new borrowing.  He is working hard for real, long-term solutions to our debt problems.

- Ensured stronger protections for local taxpayer by requiring ballot referendum approval before school property taxes can be increased by more than the rate of inflation

- Supported reforms to our state welfare system like mandatory drug testing, residency restrictions, and transportation costs.

Reforming Harrisburg:

Taxpayers have felt helpless in the face of changing the culture in Harrisburg for too long.  With much left to do, you can be proud of the changes we’ve made in the past year.

- Eli refused a taxpayer-funded car and supports eliminating lease vehicles all together

- Supported Changes to House rules to eliminate Per Diem abuses

- Authored a bill to put new Legislators on 401(k) style pensions

- Supported PennWATCH which will require that all state spending is posted on a website so that all taxpayers can see how their tax dollars are spent

- Voted to reduce the size of the legislature

- Voted for a constitutional amendment for the elimination of property taxes

Creating Jobs:

The days of handing out government checks and throwing money at our problems have been proven to fail.  The treasury is empty and we needed a better approach.  We need to make serious policy decisions,
that don’t cost the taxpayers, which will make PA more competitive in our national jobs marketplace.

- Supported a budget that lets you keep more of your hard-earned money and doesn’t pass our fiscal issues on to our children

- Repealed the “big-government” sprinkler mandate which would have crushed an already struggling Housing Market

- Supported real TORT REFORM by helping to pass the Fair Share Act and eliminating venue shopping for lawsuits

- Supported reforms to our Unemployment Compensation system

- Supported small business by supporting Worker’s Compensation reform and giving small business a seat at the table for regulation review

Protecting PA

We need to protect the people of PA with policies that make sense.

- Supported the PA Castle Doctrine, giving you the right to stand your ground in the face of an attacker rather than being forced to retreat

-  Supported simple, common-sense health regulations for Abortion Facilities.

- Supported smarter laws to help ensure safer teen driving

- Supported a texting ban in PA

Serving the People

We all know the frustration that we feel towards the workings of Government.  Eli has been committed to helping reshape those perceptions.  He has made a strong committment to his district.

- Holds at least one town-hall or roundtable event every month and to continues to knock on doors.  He does this to learn what isues are most important to you and to keep you updated.

- Holds regular office hours

- Eli remembers where he came from and understands his committment to making our state a better place to raise a family