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About Eli

♦ A Father ♦ An Experienced Business Man ♦ A Farmer ♦

Our Choice For The 54th

As a husband, father and taxpayer, Eli Evankovich shares the concerns of our families over making ends meet and paying taxes to a government that takes too much and does too little.  As a businessman and a farmer, he knows what needs to be done to spark economic growth, create good-paying jobs and rein in government spending.  That’s why he’s the best choice to be our State Representative.

A lifelong resident of our community, Eli grew up on his family’s farm and learned the lessons of hard work and common sense at an early age.  Today, Eli is raising his own family on the same farm where he grew up.

As a former Analyst for U.S. Steel, Eli understands the critical role the steel industry plays in our region of Pennsylvania.  And he knows how the loss of steel and other industrial jobs has hurt our families and our communities.  That’s why, as State Representative, Eli has made job creation his top priority.

Eli using his real-world business experience to get government out of the way of job creators – the small businesses, manufacturers, farmers and entrepreneurs who made southwest Pennsylvania great.

He continues to use those business skills – along with his life’s experiences farming his family’s land – to bring common sense to Harrisburg’s budget process.  How?  By helping government to realisze what we do in our homes and businesses every day: controlling spending, focusing on priorities, stopping borrowing and cutting out waste.  It’s a simple way that we know works…and it’s a simple way to get Harrisburg back on the right track.

Eli is proud of his record on reform in Harrisburg.  That means an end to the costly perks, changing the legislative pension system to make it more like the real world, and no more pork barrel projects for special interests.

Most importantly, Eli carries our down-to-earth local values to Harrisburg.  The values he learned on the farm, in the classrooms and football field at Franklin Regional High School, and while graduating magna cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh.  The same values that he and his wife, Heather, are instilling in their three young children, Mia, Elissa, and John.